CASCADE support on NERSC requires a simple command:

On Hopper & Edison simply type:

“module load cascade”

This post will highlight many of the software technologies that underpin the CASCADE environment. In future blog posts, we will delve into each technology and provide examples on how to exercise them.

Technologies provided within the CASCADE module:

  • Python –
    • mako, pnetcdf, rpy2, matplotlib, UV-CDAT
  • R –
    • pbd – pmclust, pbdBASE, pbdSLAP, pbdDMAT, pbdNCDF4, pbdMPI
    • maps, ncdf, fields, splancs, SpatialExtremes, extRemes
  • Custom Tools –
    • TECA (C/C++), LLEX (R), Depcache (Python), MPI-Regridder (Python)
  • Other operations:
    • HPSS-Archiver, ESGF Publish support.