Information for Talks
  • Talks are 20 mins w/ 5 mins for questions
  • Please use powerpoint or PDF – we will be using a central laptop for presenting.  Contact Rosie Davis and Travis O’Brien if you have concerns about this
  • Upload your presentation file(s) to the appropriate folder in google drive using the following naming convention:
    (where hhmm is the 24-hour/min of the presentation time; e.g. 1545_obrien.pptx for my 3:45 session I presentation)
  • Please upload your presentation files by 12pm Pacific on 10/15


Information for Posters
  • Please come with printed posters
  • Maximum dimensions: 48″ x 42″ (width x length
  • If you are willing, please upload a PDF of your poster to share with the virtual attendees
  • Upload your presentation file(s) to google drive using the following naming convention:
    (where XX is the letter designation given in the schedule; e.g., II-e_obrien.pdf” for my poster)