Technical Leads

William D. Collins

Lead Principal Investigator and Laboratory Research Manager

Uncertainty of Extremes:  Experiments to explore how uncertainty in observations and models affect our understanding of extremes

Christina (Chris) M. Patricola

Technical Co-Manager

Understanding Strange Weather:  Understanding and simulating the physical mechanisms that drive variability and change in the spatio-temporal characteristics of extreme events

Travis A. O’Brien

Computation and Predictions:  Oversight of software development, high performance pipelines, and metrics for extremes and UQ; Creation of the ILIAD (InitiaLized-ensemble Identify, Analyze, Develop) framework for improvement in extreme events simulated with CESM

Mark Risser

Mark D. Risser

Detection and Designation:  Description, detection, and designation of extremes in data and models

Senior Personnel

Noel Keen

Noel Keen

Software engineering and performance tuning

Hari Krishnan

Scientific software & algorithm support

Burlen Loring

Lead developer of TECA

Chris Paciorek

Statistical methods for climate data


Advanced pattern detection methods

Dáithí Stone

Methods for understanding causes of extreme weather

Michael Wehner

Extreme weather events in a changing climate

Postdoctoral, Graduate, & Undergraduate Researchers

Sarahí Arriaga-Ramirez

Ph.D. student (advisor: Dr. Travis A. O’Brien)

Land-atmosphere interactions and extremes

Alexander Charn

Alexander Charn

Ph.D. candidate (advisor: Dr. William D. Collins)

Structural uncertainty and simulation of extremes

Hector Inda-Diaz

Héctor Inda Díaz

Ph.D. student (advisor: Dr. Travis A. O’Brien)

Lagrangian Methods for Tracking Extremes

Ben Fildier

Benjamin Fildier

Ph.D. candidate (advisor: Dr. William D. Collins)

Structural uncertainty and simulation of precipitation extremes

John P. O’Brien

Ph.D. candidate (advisor: Dr. Travis A. O’Brien)

Processes driving co-occurring extremes

Ben Timmermans

Postdoctoral Fellow (advisors: Drs. Michael F. Wehner and William D. Collins)

Uncertainty quantification and emulation of extremes

Ankur Mahesh

Undergraduate Senior (advisor: Dr. Travis A. O’Brien)

Machine Learning for Detecting Extremes