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Performance of CAM5.1 simulations over West Africa and Southern Africa

SciDev.net has an article today about some analysis of data produced by CASCADE.  As part of his doctoral thesis at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, Kamoru Lawal (now at the Nigerian Meteorological Agency) examined how CAM5.1 climate simulations performed under the CASCADE project manage to reproduce the major seasonal weather systems affecting West […]

C20C+ D&A Project reaches milestone

The International CLIVAR C20C+ Detection and Attribution Project has reached a milestone, with monthly data and daily data from some commonly-used variables now published from all the core simulations of two climate models:  CAM5.1-1degree (contributed by CASCADE), and MIROC5 (contributed by the Japanese MIROC consortium).  Publication of additional daily data continues, and contributions from additional […]

CASCADE climate model data can now be visualised online

Monthly climate data from simulations of the CAM5.1-1degree climate model run under the CASCADE project can now be viewed and analysed online using the FACTS (Facility for Climate Assessments) site of NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory.  View maps, correlate against various indices, or compare against other climate data to your heart’s content.  Currently the site […]

Australian study uses CASCADE data

Old simulations still have uses.  A new study titled “Are estimates of anthropogenic and natural influences on Australia’s extreme 2010-2012 rainfall model-dependent?” has just been published in the journal Climate Dynamics.  It uses data from simulations of the CAM5.1-2degree model that were conducted by CASCADE researchers as a pilot project of the international C20C+ Detection […]